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23 July, 2006

A Worthwhile Job - Again

For more than four years now I've been doing the weekly bulletin for one of the local churches. Doing up the bulletins isn't the hard part - dodging the thunderbolts is.

Over this period we've had several different pastors. We used to average around 45 people for the service but that last preacher seemed determined to drive the church into the ground. It got to where we were lucky to get 17 people show up. Even though I'm not a member of the church, it got really sad to see what was happening.

Two weeks ago we got a new pastor, and this man is a ball of joy - he loves his work and this is contagious. I was down to making around 25 bulletins a week, but with this new pastor I'm back to 45 and may have to start making more.

The only thing that worried anyone was that the new pastor is Black, and the church wasn't too sure how that would go here in Winston Salem. So far he's been welcomed with open arms. I attended the service last week and really got wrapped up in excitement and love he brought to the service. Today my back said there was no f'kin way I was leaving the house - but dodging those thunderbolts or no, I think this pastor is going to get me there more often than not.

That should have a lot of people who know me pinwheeling!


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