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10 July, 2006

Iron Woman Competition

Well, She Who Must Be Obeyed is back to work today - a 10 hour shift. She's still moderately jet lagged, but yesterday she used my patented method for beating that.

She managed to stay up all day yesterday, because I found out many (many) years ago that the only way to get over jet lag is to get on local time as soon as possible. Especially when going through a 14 hour time difference.

By the time she gets home tonight she's going to have the stamina of a soggy dish rag, but by tomorrow she should just about have come good.

Meanwhile, the rest of the mob came by yesterday and now the grand daughters are armed and dangerous - she brought them back boomerangs. This afternoon I plan on taking them to a large park area and try to teach them how to throw them.

As everyone knows, if it comes back, it's a boomerang. If it doesn't, it's a stick.