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03 July, 2006


Well, She Who Must Be Obeyed's mum should be home from the hospital today. Apparently for reasons best known to the doctors they took the cylinder cast off her, but she is not supposed to place any weight on the leg. Yeah, right. SWMBO has already sprung her twice trying to walk on it.

Her other brother should be there today, so between all of them they should be able to gang up on the oldies and try to convince them that they really need to sell the house and move into the Australian War Veteran's Homes. it's going to be the better part of a month before they can get around, and neither of them should have any business trying to drive.

I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they have some success. Meanwhile, it's now five days before she comes home. I think the amount of time I've been spending talking to the Devil Dog isn't a really good sign!


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