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17 July, 2006

What A Waste

After about 2 1/2 weeks over in Australia, where She Who Must Be Obeyed set up all kinds of things to help out her parents, the whole trip turned out to be pissing in the wind.

She had set up Meals On Wheels for them, home nursing, the Australian Veterans Admin. to provide a taxi service for them where ever they needed to go, and her parents cancelled the lot. I guess they both think they're still 40 and can do anything. Her dad had major abdominal surgery, and within a week or so was out driving without the doctor's release. Without that, if he has any accident his insurance won't touch him. We're just worried about when he as that accident how many others he's going to take with him.

Her mom is supposed to stay off her leg that was operated on - yeah, right - she won't even use her cane, spends hours at a time on it, and now it's not only swollen all to buggery but infected.

If you check out a map of Oz, you'll see that Canberra, where they live, is about 180 miles southeast of Sydney. Her older brother lives near Wollongong, which is down the eastern south coast and her other brother lives in Brisbane, so there's no way they can spend all their time looking after the oldies.

Of course, this means they're pretty much on their own, and it's all they can do to look after themselves let alone each other - but they've gotten a severe case of the stubborns and want everyone to leave them alone - they don't need anyone or anything.

Hopefully, this industrial case of denial will fade and reality will slap the shit out of them. In the meantime, just about the whole family has thrown their hands up in the air and said "screw it - if that's they way they're going to be, so be it."

What a shame.


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