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09 July, 2006

She Has Returned!

The flight was on time last night - I'd like to find the dickhead who decided that having a flight arrive at midnight is a good idea. By the time we got out of the airport, home and sat and talked for a bit it was well after 2:00am before we even tried to get some sleep.

This morning my back is telling me that it's not going to make any difference what position I find, it's going to rip me up. She Who Must Be Obeyed thinks it's because now that she's home, I can finally try to relax for a couple of hours.

It kind of dawned on both my kids yesterday that when SWMBO is gone, I tend to work my ass off every day. I guess it's because I feel that I have to keep everything at the house - inside and out - neat and tidy so that I'm not rushing like a hairy-assed ape the last days trying to do it all.

Anyway, she's home and all is good!


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