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14 July, 2006

Just Bits

Just think - on this day in 1789 some Frenchmen other than Napoleon beat the crap out of someone - the other French at the Bastille. Am I the only one surprised that the whole thing didn't end in a draw?

It's another brutally hot day out, so I'm spending my time eating chemicals and watching those video shows on Spike - Amazing Videos, Wildest Police Videos - those things. The ones I love to see are when they show the Russian police making arrests. Mr. Miranda never lived over there and it shows! I'm old enough that I can remember when a cop would take a juvenile offender out behind the police station and give him a moderate ass-whooping - it tended to cut down on repeat offenders.

Now? The juves laugh it off right up to when they're charged as adults. Meanwhile, all the rest of us have to pay.