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30 June, 2006

Still Sucking Oxy

Just a quick entry to let everyone know the Devil Dog and I are still surviving, although he's a really shitty conversationalist. He does listen well, tho. Right now he's trying to steal my pot of Kona.

This morning was the podiatrist at the VA. The timing was good, because yesterday I managed to re-break a toe that I originally broke about 4 years ago. The foot doc, Dr Wilson, is amazing. He treats every one of his patients like royalty, which makes me look forward to seeing him. He had the foot x-rayed then gave me a box of about 100 gauze sponges and three rolls of tape to splint my toes together.

I still have a week and a day before She Who Must Be Obeyed comes home. Believe me, it can't come soon enough!


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