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28 June, 2006

A Little Good News

I heard last night that my father-in-law's surgery went pretty well, but they had to remove quite a bit more bowel than first expected. Right now he's resting in expensive scare for the next day or so and, if no complications show up, they'll move him to a regular room and he should be able to come home around the beginning of next week.

She Who Must Be Obeyed is spending a lot of time finding out what's going on, because her oldies are old school - if a doctor says something they don't question it. She (like me), on the other hand, doesn't play that game. She's going to be cornering the doctors and demanding answers and prognosis. She will also be getting together with her brothers to arrange some home care for her mum and dad, since they are both going to be laid up.

Meanwhile, Attitude With Legs had me over last night for dinner - lasagna made with my home-grown oregano and a salad with garden cukes. Wonderful!


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