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02 March, 2006

This is a Joke

A propaganda minister for the Taliban government toured the United States, telling everyone how great the Taliban was and how slaughtering women was a good thing. Then his asshole buddy Osama sets 9-11 in motion. How does our government react?

They give this propaganda minister a student visa! Next, he's accepted at Yale!

Now, besides the fact that this puts paid to Yale's supposed Equal Rights and the rights of women - this guy would love nothing better than to kill each and every one of those women wandering around without a burka - there's one other thing about this that gets me.

This asswipe has a fourth grade education - and that's an Afghan fourth grade. No high school. No ACT. No SAT. Just a fourth grade education and he's accepted to Yale.

Hell, I can match that (barely). Will Yale take me in too, or do I have to go over to Afghanistan and kill a couple hundred women first?


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