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23 March, 2006

Quick Takes

I see that Wal Mart is expanding in China. I wonder if the goods they sell there are made in America?

A coyote was rounded up in New York's Central Park yesterday. No word on how many illegal Mexicans he had in tow.

Another new study is out - this time saying how damaging flouride is. Doctor Strangelove was 40 years ahead of its time!

So California has some of the filthiest air in the nation. All their EPA crap has really done a good job. Now there's a town where smoking is illegal, but diesel trucks and busses are still throwing out more dangerous chemicals that cigarettes ever thought of doing.

Everyone seems all excited about that guy in Afghanistan who might be executed for becoming a Christian, but I haven't heard anything about the Saudi's, who have the same laws and where even possession of a Bible can land you in jail.

And in another interesting twist, the French are once again fighting against the French. Both sides are losing.