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30 March, 2006

Finding Good People

This afternoon I did a clean-out of my book shelves and took around 50 paper backs to the Paperback Exchange at 212 N. Cherry Street, Kernersville, NC. As is normal, there's always a percentage of books that they didn't have a use for.

In my case, it was about 1/3 of what I brought in. But here's where I got a plesant surprise - She said I could either take them back home with me OR add them to a shipment she was putting together for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Needless to say, I hope the guys enjoy the books. And I'm going to make the Paperback Exchange a regular haunt from now on. And if you're ever in the Winston Salem / Greensboro area of North Carolina and need something to read, this is the place to go.

Oh - and she had a new Weimeraner puppy at the store - a beautiful and friendly little boy!


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