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30 March, 2006

My Thoughts on United States of Mexico

I was watching some of those demonstrations the other day and a couple of thoughts came to me. Bear with me while I try to put them down in some semblance of order.

I found it interesting that all those people who claim to want to stay here in the U.S. were waving Mexican flags. Those few who carried American flags were harrasses and abused. I've heard since that quite a few of those marchers want California, Arizona and New Mexico taken out of the U.S. and given back to Mexico. They should be careful what they wish for.

I keep hearing that we are a nation of laws. I can't argue that we don't have laws - hell, we got laws coming out the ass. It's impossible to walk down a street without breaking some law - we just pick and choose which ones we enforce.

As far as being a nation, well, we aren't a nation anymore - nations have borders and are capable (and allowed) to enforce those borders.

And as for those poor, downtrodden Mexicans - they've been getting special treatment for decades. We get immigrants from all over the world. How many signs and instructions have you seen posted in Hindu or Korean? How many people's jobs have depended on their being bilingual in Italian or Polish?

The Democrats keep telling us (and the MSM keeps parroting) that our economy is down the shitter. If the economy is so bad, why do they keep coming here?

Now I know that most of the Mexicans who've come here have had brutal lives, but I'd be willing to bet that there are still thousands in this country who are living no better as slaves with unscrupulous businesses threatening to turn them over if they say anything.

Both parties are acting like circle jerks looking for a pivot man over this - the Republicans don't want to lose the votes of the legal Mexicans and the Democrats - well, they pushed through the Motor Voter Act solely to get the illegal vote. But if something substantive isn't done - and done soon - there is the making of an insurrection in our country that isn't going to take very much to touch off.


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every person I talk to is ready for action and civil unrest over the Mexican rights issue. We do not live in Mexico. They do not live in Mexico and this is not Mexico. So now they are taking Monday off to teach us (U.S.) a lesson. How about if we as Americans take Tuesday off or even the rest of the week. When the whining freeloaders and their 40 children show up at the store on Tuesday it will be closed. If I had any illegals working for me i would fire them. They of course would say that it is not meant to be aimed directly at an individual business or person, but in fact the only effect this Monday will have is on individuals. No one will care that there were no line at discount market. Everyone will be exceptionally pleased to NOT see the vagrant on their local corners for one day. Why stop with Monday? Keep them off the streets permanently. This is AMERICA!!!

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my city, a brand new 3-story very nice apartment building was completed and is designated as a low-income property.
There are 100 apartments and Mexicans occupy 100. There are 100 new cars in the parking lot. From BMW's to Lexus, it looks upscale. One problem though, the occupants of this building pay no rent, no insurance, no taxes and have no responsibilities. They go to work like the rest of us. But they keep every cent they earn. We pay their rent, we pay their taxes, we pay their medical bills, and we pay their utilities. They go to our children’s schools and we pay for our children to sit and listen to a new over paid extra teacher translate an American textbook in to Spanish. Our children are actually sitting there in class doing nothing but waiting. No Learning. This has go to stop.
this is America, we speak English.
One argument is that in European schools children are taught multiple languages so why not here. Hello, in European schools or any schools around the world, the students are taught in their countries language every subject. They are taught in alternate classes other languages. These worldly schools have not ever taught math, history, and science in a foreign language.
Why is it that the mainstream is not told the truth?
It should be an absolute that any illegal immigrant can be deported. We have the "National guard", and it should be deployed on our borders. There is no other country in the world that would allow such abuse of its borders. Ask your friends and neighbors about this and like me, you will find that we are all thinking the same. So lets get together as Americans and take back our streets, our schools, our politicians and our border.

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter came home from school crying and upset. i asked her what was wrong and she told me she got in trouble in class for reading her textbook. I ask her why. She said that she was on page 4 and wanted to read page 5 but was not allowed to do so until the 12 Mexican students learned the first 4 pages. I asked how long have you been on page 4? GET THIS: she said 5 weeks. I was astonished.
She explained to me that the 12 Mexican kids in her class do not speak English. No one is allowed to go onto other pages until the Mexican students learn each page. I went to the school which in Sonoma County and was confronted by a person that spoke in broken English and was told she was a Spanish language teacher that was hired to work along side the English teachers. I was told that there are 6 specially hired Spanish translators in this school alone. I was asked if I had a problem with Mexicans in general. I tried to explain that I thought it was wrong that an entire school is kept scholastically behind just to sit and watch foreign students learn English for an entire semester. She told me I was a racist. I could have died right there. What does scholastics and curriculum have to do with anything racist? So, our American students are punished for wanting to learn, as illegal immigrants are doted over by not only the original teacher but an additional teacher that gets paid over $40k a year who does not even grasp the English language. Our school systems are in bad enough shape but now we are paying taxes to our schools so that Spanish kids can be showed how much more important they are than the rest of the class. I checked the Sonoma County School District and found that there are over 100 Spanish teachers teaching along side regular teacher in non-language classes. This does not include Spanish Classes. This translates into $4,000,000.00 being spent to have a teacher in each of these classes that does not teach the curriculum while the rest of the class is watching. Does being worried about the future of my children and our school systems make me a racist? I think not. Has any one else looked into this egregious waste our children’s learning time and of tax payers money


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