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01 February, 2005

I Learned A Lot!

I was reading a column by Bob Herbert in today's Winston Salem Urinal ("In Iraq, Voting Was An Act Of Bravery") and I was stunned! For example, did you know Americans are killing innocent Iraqis out of hand for:

- Getting too close to, or passing a convoy?
- Confusion due to the language barrier?
- Ignorance of the rules?
- Nervousness resulting in "an unfortunate move by a vehicle at a checkpoint?"
- Objecting too stridently to "degrading treatment by US Forces?"
- Being wrongly suspected of being an insurgent?

I was floored! Surely we would have heard of this by now? But that's not all!
"Crime in many areas is completely out of control. Kidnappings for ransom, including the kidnapping of children, is rampant. Carjackings are commonplace. Rape and murder are widespread."

Not only that, but "With many women destitute, prostitution is a growth industry."

How has Al Jezeera missed all this? Has anyone told Dan Rather?

All quotes are directly fom the Bob Herbert column.


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