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10 February, 2005

Hi, Honey - I'm Home

Pain is good. Pain let's you know you're still alive. Pain is Nature's way of letting you know you've done something very, very stupid.

I think I'd rather have a neon sign on my head, ala Yossarian's idea from Catch-22.

I can report that Disney World is still standing - which is more that I can say for myself right now. Going there with a small grandchild also means that Mr Eisner is significantly richer while the granddaughter(s) consider themselves wealthy in various articles of clothing and small toys.

It was a 10 hour drive each way, and instead of taking the Town Car we drove the new Chrysler Pacifica. We had lots of room and the ride, while not as good as the Lincoln, was still very good.

Out of the six full days we had there, on only two afternoons did I cop out and go back to the room in order to eat many drugs and get horizontal.

We got back home around 4:30pm yesterday, and I've been pretty much horizontal ever since. Hell, if it weren't for the laptop, you wouldn't hear from me for days yet!

There's so much I have to get caught up on - apparently the punch lines to a few new jokes out there are "Ward Churchill" and "Eason Jordan". Indigo and Ann Coulter both seem to be pretty good places for me to start.

There will be more to come, but for now, well, the chemicals are starting to work - which means I won't be for a little while.


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