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13 October, 2004

This Could Be A Great Idea - If Only ... ...

Would you be interested in Steven Tyler giving you a "Walk This Way" guided tour of Boston? How about Jerry Stiller (the comedian dad, not the idiot son Ben) giving you a tour of New York City?

This could be a good idea if they work out some of the kinks. And all things considered, it's relatively cheap.

"The tours work like this: Visitors obtain a map from talkingstreet.com or a local visitor center, call the designated number with their cell phone, punch in their credit card number and, for $5.95, listen to a famous local explain the area's history" according to a story on FoxNews.

The only problem I have with this is that it's all cell-phone based (to be effective I guess it would have to be) and too many people my age and older either have technology issues with cell phones or, like me, view the damn things as a leash and refuse to carry them.

Bit in general this sounds like a really neat idea and one that could generate a whole bunch of income for the company involved. I know that I personally would really get a kick out of getting a tour of Boston from Aerosmith's front man.

But I'm Not Right In The Head.


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