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13 October, 2004


To anyone who has gone from here to Emigre with Digital Cluebat - Don't bother.

The rotten sods that ran that server have decided to pull the plug on everyone - with no warning. Of course, if like Delftsman, you posted with them and want to get your intellectual property back? No sweat! For only $35.00 that can be arranged.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but the reason I started blogging in the first place was that it's free. It's wonderful therapy for me, and I enjoy doing it, but if I had to pay to do it I would never have started. The same goes for many of us out here in the blogosphere.

The fact that we're poor does not in any way lessen the value of our posts. If anything it increases it, since we have more time to dedicate to research. But this crap is just not on. To pull a stunt like this is really pathetic.

I hope you find a new suitable home soon, Emigre. Your contributions to the general illumination of the great unwashed is too great to be silenced for long. If I could I'd help you out - but I can't see giving those bastards a dime even if I had it.


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