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12 October, 2004

Can't Kofi Express His Opinion?

In this opinion piece from the Heritage Foundation, the initial answer is "Yes", but then goes on to rip that answer to shreds.

Is Kofi Anan legally entitled to his opinion? In his home country, possibly not. He is taking advantage of his position in the UN and his being in the Free World to do such a thing. Ghana is not known as a bastion of free thought.

IMHO, a person in his position as head of the United Nations is NOT allowed to express an opinion, however deeply held, if that opinion is stated while he is acting in his official capacity and it goes against official UN policy relating to the reconstruction of Iraq.

It has grown more obvious every day just how specious his "opinion" is when viewed through the lens of the 'Oil for Food' farce which it appears he has profited from. And profited from greatly.

This column is much more eloquent than I could ever be. Read it and form your own opinion.