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12 October, 2004

Kerry Tries to Stop Movie By and About POW's

There's been a really big deal being made about someone called "Sinclair Broadcasting" who is going to have its 62 stations broadcast the movie "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal".

Of course, the only ones making a BIG DEAL out of this are the Democratic National Committee and MoveOn.org. If not for them, I would never have heard of Sinclair; I certainly wouldn't know they have 62 stations; and I more than likely would not have heard about this movie - at least not it's content.

I still don't know where these 62 stations are, or if I'm going to see this movie and if so, where?

Anything to do with John Kerry's testimony before the Fulbright Committee; or any of his anti-Viet Nam or anti-Veteran stances or statements, have been declared non gratia by the Kerry Camp - even though he has made Viet Nam the centerpiece of his campaign until very recently when he seems to have 'backed away' from that.

The Democrats and MoveOn have filed both with the FCC and FEC to have this movie stopped, as in their view, it is no more than an unpaid ad for the Bush campaign.

The senior representative of the Kerry Campaign even made a veiled threat on FoxNews that, should Kerry be elected, they would regret any decision to show this.

Now, what I do know is that from the beginning the Kerry camp has accused the Swift Vets for Truth of being part of the Bush campaign and funded by them. I know enough to know that this would be patently illegal and would have brought untold damage to them if true. Since no action was taken against anyone involved with the Republicans, I must assume that this claim was wholly false.

The Sinclair Broadcasting people say that they have offered Senator Kerry or anyone he wishes to represent him as much time as he desires to rebut anything in the film. He has not replied to this offer.

About the only thing that I've noticed that is not in dispute so far with this is the facts in issue in the film itself - the statements made before the Senate Committee and those of the Prisoners of War.

I would have thought that would be the first thing attacked - if they were not true. And isn't that the whole point of this?


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