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13 October, 2004

Some Strange Shit Going On

Mark Dayton, a Donk Senator from Minnesota, has closed his D.C. office because of alleged threats, but says he can't say any more about it because it's secret - and it's all Bill Frist's fault.

And, of course, because John Kerry decided to make a political football out of it, flu vaccine demand is at an all-time high since a company in England was found to be manufacturing tainted batches (allegedly). The CDC says it is going to do its best to see that those most at risk get the shots they need. My opinion? every military and VA hospital should be a priority since active duty families normally consist of newborns and VA hospitals treat the retired and disabled. I'm not particularly worried about getting the shot myself, but others in my general situation should be a priority.

But only if you want to treat our veterans as humans. In the case of the Donks getting power, that would be questionable.


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