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12 October, 2004

Tereazzzzza - She No Problem!

I just saw someone on FoxNews that really has me jealous. I would purely LOVE to get some of the drugs she must be on!

She sat there with a straight face and said that Tereeezzza's statement that John Kerry would never send our boys to die for oil didn't mean that something like that was actually happening.

She also believes that Tereeezzza can be as outrageous as she wants to be, and it won't have any effect on votes for her husband.

Hello? Didn't we just have 8 years worth of political activist First Bitch? One who clamed to be "The Functional Equivalent" of a Public Servant in order to keep her Health Plan meetings secret from the general public?

Call me goofy (everyone else does) but I firmly believe that the antics of this immigrant combined with her statements in the past denigrating the United States can have a marked effect on this election.

And while I understand that John Kerry only married for his wealth, instead of raping the public purse like his running mate did, it is their claim that there is two Americas - and it takes no imagination to figure out which one they represent.

Here's the link to FoxNews about Tuh-razz-a and her quote.


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