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13 October, 2004

I Made A Promise to My BlogMother

After what I did to my Blog Mother yesterday, I promised I'd clear my next entry through her - but ONLY the next entry. Here it is:

Indigo expresses some righteous – and rightful – hatred for LBJ. My own personal favorite for arrogant, ignorant bastard who should burn in hell for all eternity is Robert Strange McNamara. He was the sole reason for the “body count” being the justification of our reason for being in ‘Nam in the first place. He and the rest of the Donk Wonks who viewed Viet Nam as simply a numbers game that could be micro-managed from Washington were responsible for the vast numbers of the 58’000 or so on that Wall.

Which brings me to part two of this little rant. As I learned, any veteran going to see the Wall for the first time MUST have a loved one with them at the time. According to She Who Must Be Obeyed, I turned ghostly pale, with cold sweats and damn near passed out. Having my loving wife with me for her support and understanding got me through the experience.

By all means, everyone should go see the wall, and the Women’s Memorial Statue – but if you are a Viet Nam Veteran visiting it for the first time, well, BE WARNED!!

I was going to do another smart-assed ‘dissing’ of Indigo for putting out another article on her blog, but having read it, it just isn’t me. The only thing I can add is PLEASE – Go Read This! Every American or anyone who loves their liberties that this country gives them should be required to read it.

Indigo – You Done Good! Whenever you see a Viet Nam Vet, simply say “Welcome Home”.


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