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31 March, 2006

Fun & Games At Duke

I know this post will most likely get me into trouble with some groups, but -

Medical evidence from the hospital shows pretty conclusively that a sexual assault took place. That part of the story doesn't seem to be in dispute.

But I can see some scenarios that don't involve the media conviction of the entire Duke Lacrosse team. Did this take place at Duke? Could it have taken place after she left there as a sex-for-money deal? If it did take place with the team, again - was it a sex-for-money deal?

If her story is true, then not only the three who she claims raped her but anyone else present who was aware of this and did nothing should be hung by their balls. But how about the media back off a tad and wait to see what the truth is? DNA has been collected from all but one of the team members, and this should stop the feeding frenzy - yeah, right.


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