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31 March, 2006

Almost An S&G

The jury is now out for the weekend, but I really hope that they give Moussaoui life in prison. He wants to be a martyr for the cause, and I'm sure the terrorists asswipes could make use of that. I'd rather see him buried in a hole at the bottom of some prison so deep that they'd have to pump oxy into him, and let the rest of the world forget about him.

It looks like the Marines may be leaving Okinawa in the near future and heading to Guam. Training areas on Guam itself, as well as being so close to Saipan and Tinian, would be great for fine tuning those Marines. It would also do my heart good to see towns like Henoko, Kin and Koza watch their economy go down the shitter. I was on Okinawa in 1970 when it was still under U.S. control, but from the point of view of the Marines it seems to have gone downhill in a hurry - the Okinawans don't want us there? Fine by me. And by the way, the Okinawans are NOT Japanese, and have never appreciated being called that.

Thanks to Wayne's World for the research on this one.


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