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13 December, 2005

Just Another S&G

I see where a group of Americans calling themselves "Witness Against Torture" is currently outside the gates of Gitmo. They're holding a hunger strike until they are let inside and allowed to chat with the murdering terrorist pieces of shit. I hope they stick with this and dont wuss out - the end of the strike would be the end of them.

Speaking of torture, have any of you seen the pictures on TV of Santas being lynched? John McCain should be all over that, right? "Cruel, inhumane or degrading" are the words, right?

What constitutes "degrading" treatment for the terrorists we currently hold? Is pointing at one of those scum and giggling considered "degrading"? How about giving one of them an old-fashioned frat party beer shower? How the hell can you degrade people who are still living in the 8th century?

I want to know where Murtha is getting his stats from. He has to be pulling them out of his ass. According to the Marine Corps, there's no such thing as an ex-Marine; we are all Former Marines. Sorry Commandant, but I have two exceptions for you. Lee Harvey Oswald and John Murtha.

And a new $20 billion, 15 year plan is being put into place to clean up the Great Lakes. I don't think the'll have to worry about Lake Michigan though, especially around Chicago. Any water that's been through that many kidneys has got to be pure!!