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02 September, 2005

Thoughts on the Gulf

I know that a fair few folks used to live south and east of New Orleans - has anyone seen or heard anything about them?

Has anyone thought about the art museums and other museums - the irreplaceable items destroyed, vandalized or stolen?

For a city that lived only under the sufferance of their levees and pumps, didn't New Orleans have any plans for repairing burst levees or inoperable pumps? That seems incredible to me.

It appears that the talking heads (with no brains) on some of the news channels have started blaming and accusing Houston for not being organized, not doing enough, etc, etc. How 'bout we let these asswipes know that people nationwide are trying to do whatever they can.

What are these news people doing to help? Or are they supposed to keep themselves separate from the story?

One added thought about the media - where are they getting the power to run their cameras, phones and microphones? And how are they getting to different areas? Seems to me that they are using resources that would be better spent on the people there, don't you?


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