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15 August, 2005

Mistakes Were Made

Yesterday was a very large mistake on my part. I went to the local Six Flags/Paramount theme park with Attitude With Legs and her two kids - fantastic kids both. All the time we were there, they made no "I Want" type of talk; incredible for an 8 year old and a 4 year old!! It rained around 4:00pm and they closed all the rides, so we went home. The last 3 hours or so I was doing the "USMC push" to keep going for the sake of the kids, and started sitting as often as possible. Said Attitude drove home, but at that I'd passed out in the car around 8 times.

I'm still pretty shaky, but nowhere near what I was yesterday. Today I lift nothing heavier than dog shit and I stay either on the bed or in the recliner. I have no desire to EVER do that again!!

Another mistake? At least in my view? Cindy Sheehan. Yep - she has every right to stand out there in Texas and demand to talk to the President, just as any other American has. Even though she has gone through the trauma of losing a son to combat, she has already met with the President once and that puts her into the category of every other citizen. The mistake (in my view) is hooking up with MoveOn.org and the rest of the more violent leftists. I have also heard she's on the MoveOn payroll but that's just a rumor right now. Her latest demand, besides the meeting and stopping the war and bringing ALL american troops home is that the Israelis get out of "Palestine". To go where she doesn't say. Maybe it's into the ocean like the Arabs have demanded for years.

Speaking of that, the third mistake is in relation to the Israelis pullout today in the Gaza. Even though this is a unilateral pullout, hoping to get peace talks started again, they're going to pay for it. Despite the violence promised by their own people in relation to the pullout, HAMAS is currently claimimg that this is a direct result of their bombing campaigns. In fact, they say that the bombing worked so well that they're going to keep up the bombings.

Each of these are pretty nasty and (with the exception of my health unless I get really stupid again) look to only get worse.

(Typos pointed out by She Who Must Be Obeyed have been repaired or removed)


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