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06 July, 2005

Spits & Giggles

Yeah, my Blogmother forced the change - she threatened to slap me!

Natalee Holloway/Twitty - Her mommie and step-daddie are still down in Aruba, bitching to anyone who'll listen. Unfortunately that includes the MSM and a politician or two. It's not the job of the Aruba cops to keep mommie informed of what's happening in the case. Their job is to solve the case. I'm getting tired of hearing all these indignant people screaming that the FBI should have the case. Aruba belongs to the Dutch. It's their case. It's not in America. Even if it was, a missing person is not a federal case requiring action from the FBI.

Once again. Jock Chirac stepped on his dick. This time it's about British food being crap. Now, I happen to agree with him - for the most part Brit food is boiled until you can't recognize it. In the case of black pudding that's a very good thing. But Chirac had to open his mouth in public about it. And he bitches about American diplomacy.

Speaking of Chirac, he lost out on getting the 2012 Olympics in Paris. After the French voters stuffing his constitution up his ass, this is just what he needed. It'll be interesting to see what else he can fuck up.

The G8 protesters are really having a ball in Scotland, screaming for America to bail out Africa. Do they want the money sent to the governments over there, or would a direct deposit into Mugabe's account do as well? Get with it, asswipes - the problem isn't money. It never has been the money. The problem is the governments in the varied nations of the Dark Continent that give to their friends (if they give at all) and take from the rest of the country. Forgiving the debt was a useless gesture unless they're not going to lend any more.

The Minnesota State Government is still shut down - but you don't hear much about that in the MSM. Gee - do you think it might be because it's the Democrats that blocked the budget and shut everything down??

And I see where some people are all upset because they're might be a large amount of dangerous chemicals near them that a terrorist might exploit. Can I make a recommendation about that? Keep Your Fucking Mouth Shut!! Don't tell the terrorists where it is. Would that be so f'kin hard??


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