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01 July, 2005

Law? What Law?

Arthur Cheeseburger of The New York Slimes is exceedingly pissed. And for once it's not with Dubya!!

He's irritated with Time Magazine, because the people there have decided to obey the law whether or not they like it or agree with it. Just as Freedom of Speech has exceptions (yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater, flying a Confederate flag) the Federal Courts have now defined an exception to Freedom of the Press. If what you're printing directly affects National Security contrary to Federal law, you can be forced to reveal your sources.

Because some judges in the past decided that "protecting your sources" is part of the Constitution, reporters have basically had carte blanche (Ohh, Tish - that's French!) to print whatever they damn well felt like printing. Now that they decided to print the identity of a CIA operative the courts have said "hold on there, sucker - dat shit won't fly!" Since these asswipes have now run out of appeals, Time Magazine has said they will reveal the source of the story to a Federal Grand Jury. The New York Slimes says the Supreme Court can piss up a rope, they are above the law.

If you look back, you can see why The Slimes feels that way. Remember Daniel Ellsberg? Anyone out there under 30 - go ask your parents if they remember The Pentagon Papers that The Slimes printed in the early 70's.

Instead of loving honesty and truth, the New York Slimes - and Salzburger in particular - is in love with anything that will make the United States look bad; honesty and truth be damned!

Personally, I'm gonna laugh my ass off when it finally gets out that the leak wasn't from the government - it was her piece of shit hubbie - "Ambassador" Joe Wilson. And wasn't that a sordid little piece, where apparently it was his wife who picked him for what could have been an important job that he completely fucked over.


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