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11 October, 2004

The Pep Boys Bullshit

As some of you may know, I've held off on publishing this because it had a sniff of Urban Legend about it, and as long as I had some genuine doubts about it, I couldn't see passing it along.

Those doubts have now been cleared up and it looks like Pep Boys did indeed fire this guy simply because of his active duty reserves requirement. Saying that really sucks doesn't even start to go far enough to describe this situation.

Not only is what they've done against the law, it goes against any common sense and business acumen. Just like Bush and the "WMD"s, they had to know that this story would get out eventually - I guess their only hope was that people like me would dismiss it as being too stupid for an American business to ever do.

I was wrong. Go to Robert at SlagleRock for the full story, if you haven't heard it already. Give this the widest distribution you can.

We might just be the "Pyjamaliterati" but I know we have some power - just ask Danny-Boy Rather!


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