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26 July, 2008

S&G - It's Been a Zoo

First, my daughter is recovering slowly - much more slowly than I would have thought. The thing is, after the surgery the doc's basically said "See ya later" - no exercises, no physical therapy - nothing. Last night she went back home so she could sleep in her own bed. I'm a bit worried about her being there but us and her brother are only about 2 minutes away.

Something serious for Veterans - if the VA is giving you a run-around and rejecting your claim, you MUST get an Advocate to assist you. The VFW, American Legion, Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled Veterans of America and others will do this for you for no fee. And if you go through the C&P process (Compensation & Pension) and feel that you have been ill treated or they have decided your level of disability is much lower than you believe, have your advocate help you file an appeal. It took about 4 years before the VA finally admitted I'm 100% disabled.

Now for the fun -

Have any of you seen an ad from an outfit called Cash Call? I caught the fine print at the end of the ad. On an average loan of $2,600 paid over 42 months, the APR is 99.25%. People with a gun don't do that well!

And some doctor is selling advanced versions of Snake Oil. Just spray it in your mouth and it cures everything from hang nails to rheumatism. Or get the pet version, spray it in their water and it will cure them of everything!

One thing I haven't figured out are the ads that state that a woman shouldn't even handle the medication if they're nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. I guess you need a hysterectomy or menopause.

And they'res a new funny noney ad - this time for a $20 Liberian certificate that they claim is made from .999 silver leaf. Sorry, but if it's stamped from silver leaf, there's no way you can have different designs on the front and back. And they claim they're selling it at face value - $20.00. I checked, and the exchange rate, and 0ne U.S. dollar is worth about $60 Liberian ones. Therefore, the face value would be about 33 cents, right?

Breakfast just arrived, so I'll be back one day.


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