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25 October, 2006

More On That Concert

Boy Wonder did his own write-up on the concert we went to last Monday. I'm not going to sanitize it but let his own words speak for themselves:

Motley Crue/Aerosmith 10/23

Just got home from the show in Raleigh. Holy SHIT it was cold! I'm not talking bring a jacket cold, I'm talking the kind of ball shrivelling cold that took beer off the menu and replaced it with gallons of hot chocolate cold.

Apart from that the show was f-in incredible. Crue led off with Dr. Feelgood and brought in some old favorites like Home Sweet Home (the whole place was singing to that one), Don't Go Away Mad, Kickstart My Heart as well as a couple new ones off their latest and some old stuff from their first release. Ton's of pyros, flames, fireworks, the whole kit. First time I've ever seen an opening band play an hour and a half set.

Then the show really began, Aersomith came out and the whole place lit up. No pyros, fairly basic lights, just a kickass show that was loud enough to make the gods realize we're still here. If you like southern blues you'd have loved this show, they pulled some stuff from the Honkin On Bobo CD and ran with it. They did Dream On, Crazy, Eat The Rich and Walk This Way to name a few others as well. By the time they left it was close to freezing out before you figured in the wind blowing from the lawn straight to the stage. You'd never have known it though, people were up dancing and going nucking futs throughout the show.

I'm still trying to figure out how a guy the age of Steven Tyler, who has put more crap into his body than anyone bar Keith Richards can still move like a damn 18 year old on crack. The man is just insane.

Anyway, gonna go grab me a blanket and some more hot chocolate and get some sleep. Just wanted to get this out while the show was still fresh in my mind.


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