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10 September, 2006

Thoughts on September 11th

I received the following from a former high school classmate, Ron Kasper. We were in the Class of '68 (you know - still living in caves) and he now lives in San Diego. I can't recommend this highly enough:

Tomorrow, just 5 fast years ago, we wept in pain as our nation was attacked in one of the most sophisticated cities in the world. I do not think anyone shall forget what they were doing as the news began to pour in and seeing the shots of the airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers.

As I am an early riser and NY is 3 hours ahead, I was in the shower and have a shower radio and often listen for a few minutes to talk show, weather, or some
spiritual music before I start my day. The news seemed odd and my first take of radio reports were it sounded like maybe a single engine plane bounced off a skyscraper which occasionally happens. But, the news become more intense and I went downstairs and turned the TV on and watched in disbelief still not knowing how not one but two jets can be flying off course and crashing.

Five years later I think of it often and of the true silent heroes-the
workers' in the Towers, the First Responders' and the leadership
of Mayor Guliano. As families became widows and widowers in one swift movement and families lost members and many 5 year olds today have no fathers; and the incredibly brave decision of so many to jump to their death rather than be lost in the flames, I am still in disbelief.

Five years later, many First Responders' are afflicted with respiratory
ailments from the tons of chemicals used in the construction of the Towers as well as those who live near. The carnage has not stopped.

I do not think we can ever stop terrorism but I do know I will not refrain from traveling on planes, subways, traveling overseas, or worry about our "Color Threat Levels." I talked to some colleagues, just this past Friday, who went to NYC this summer and a few refused to take subways in fear of an attack. I will not live life in fear and the terrorists will not intimidate me in their carnage and psychological warfare.

There is a heavy Coast Guard Presence here and the orange and white
choppers fly by over my house everyday and the harbor has fast boats with big guns patrolling the numerous aircraft carriers and naval installations and bridges in the San Diego Bay. This is a huge naval and marine town.

Would those who perished want us to live in fear? They went to work like every other day as we do. And to handful of heroes on the flight he helped bring down in Pennsylvania that was perceived to be headed to the White House and in his final moments he said-"Let's Roll."-Rest in peace.

Lest we forget-911.

Thank you, Ron.


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