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16 December, 2005

Whip Me, Beat Me

I'm getting heartily sick of the latest cause de jour. Ever since we captured our first prisoner in the war on terror, Amnesty International, the ACLU and all the other usual suspects have screamed that we're torturing these poor, lost and innocent souls.

Of course, the MSM picked up on this immediately, and on almost a daily basis since 9-11 they've been pushing the same view - to the point that the rest of the world now believes we use torture as a matter of course. They seem to base this on Abu Graib, which at best could be described as "degrading". Shit - if the air conditioning goes out or their copy of the Koran isn't facing the right direction, that's torture.

John McCain, who has a real good grasp on just what torture can consist of, has now railroaded an act through the Senate which pretty much says exactly the same things we've already agreed to in international treaties. I guess McCain needed to get his name in the media as taking some kind of high ground in order to get his 2008 run kicked off. I would've thought Condi Rice has better things to do than travel the world trying to convince the French (who do use torture - check the Kepi Blanc) that we don't muss the hair of these little pets.

Look, people - if torture didn't work, do you think it would have lasted for thousands of years? Yes, it can cause some people to tell you whatever they think you want to hear, but depending on what is done and how it is done you can get good, solid and consistent information. Consistentcy is the key here.

I'm also ready to puke every time I hear how we have to show that "we're better than them". That we "don't stoop to their level".


When you are in a war you must use whatever tools you have available. You don't take tanks or Warthogs out of the field because someone is upset about the depleted uranium rounds. You don't take bombers away because someone else is crying that they might accidentally cause civilian casualties. If you are really fighting a war against this scum-sucking filth, you have to use what you have.

Or are we just jerking off?


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