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23 December, 2005

S&G - The Urinal Lies!

Yeah, I know - what a shock that the Winston Salem Urinal would publish a lie. What am I talking about? There's a short article with the headline "Security is more important than privacy, Bush says". The story then talks about the Bush administration, not him personally. And the quote they base this on? "There is undeniably an important and legitimate privacy interest at stake with respect to the activities described by the president," wrote Assistant Attorney General William E. Moschella. "That must be balanced, however, against the government's compelling interest in the security of the nation." Legitimate privacy must be balanced. Maybe they printed the wrong story.

North Carolina - the good and the bad. Payday lenders have finally been put out of business here. The law here puts a cap of 36% annual interest on small loans - the payday loan shops have been charging over 400%. Even Carlos Gambino would have been ashamed of that. Meanwhile, our Democratic State government combines with out Democratic governor to make sure illegals can continue getting drivers licenses here. We're one of six states that'll take a tax id number instead of a SSN, and there's a very good political reason for this. It's called Slick Willie's Motor Voter Act. Every person getting a license here is also being pretty much begged to register to vote - even after being told they can't. My wife used her Green Card as ID when she got her license, and they were dumbfounded when she told them only U.S. Citizens are authorized to vote.

The Mexican giggle continues. I asked in my last post if Mexico lets in anybody at their Southers border. Now I know the answer - they charge their illegals with a felony and jail them - exactly what they are up in arms about what the U.S. has proposed. Gotta love it.

The Dept of Transportation has officially approved Santa's flight plan, so starting tomorrow you can go to
NORAD's web site and follow along as they track his flight around the world. Since Santa starts at the International Date Line and heads west from there, you should be able to see him from around Noon ET. I've followed Santa's flight for the last few years and I think the grown-ups will get as big a kick out of this as the kids will.