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16 December, 2005

A Fireside S&G

A rundown of selected items from today's Winston Salem Urinal. Hey - if Fiorello LaGuardia could do it, why not me?

Actor Morgan Freeman has endeared himself to me. He's quoted as saying that he thinks having a Black History Month is ridiculous. He said Black History and White History are all American History. He also wants people to stop calling each other a Black Man or a White Man. It's a shame he'll be relegated to the Bill Cosby wing of what the NAACP considers Racist Uncle Toms.

Did you know that one in twenty adults in the U.S. are illiterate? Further, another 44% have only the basic skills to get around in our society? Of course, most of what they are basing their survey on is the ability to read, write, do math, etc. - in English. Well, no shit - especially with people like the ACLU and others of that ilk saying that instead of the illegal Mexicans learning English the rest of us must learn Spanish.

The French pulled off a raid on some "militant Islamics". They found several pounds of TNT, 19 sticks of dynamite, AK-47 and Famas assault rifles, assorted handguns, bulletproof vests and ski masks. I'm going to guess the local Imams there are going to scream racism, while the French government will most likely offer the "militants" work on the Foreign Legion.

The UN 'peace keeping' unit standing between Eritrea and Ethiopia is missing a few members today, since the Eritrean government demanded all Americans, Canadians and Europeans be removed and sent home. Both countries have been building up their troops at the border lately. In true UN form, it looks like the entire peace keeping unit will be withdrawn. I think it's a smart move by Eritrea - get the Yanks and Europeans out of the line of fire so they don't piss us off!

There's a billboard going up in Raleigh, North Carolina, that has the Arab Apologist groups going apeshit. The sign will be of a man in a traditional Arab headscarf, clutching a grenade in one hand and a North Carolina drivers license in the other. The Caption will be, "Don't License Terrorists". "It's bigoted!! It's Racist!!" It's also true, asswipe. Who the hell do you think we're fighting - the Monks in Nepal?

And then there's the editorial. It looks like Congress isn't going to do anything about the alternative tax. That tax was designed to catch the ultra rich, who could afford enough CPA's that they paid minimal taxes. That tax is still in effect, unchanged, so that now those earning over $100,000 in taxable income are going to get nailed. It's pretty damn obvious that group includes said editorial writer. All the rest of the year they've been screaming about Bush's tax breaks for the rich. I guess he must of missed one, huh? Ain't that a shame?


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