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21 December, 2005

Mexico Declares War on U.S.

Following up on yesterday's article - the Mexican government has now declared that they will actively block the construction of a wall on U.S. soil between the two nations. The only ways I can see that those scum suckers can block the construction of the wall is to come on to U.S. soil in attempts to sabotage this or to sit on their side of the border and shoot at construction workers. Either plan will constitute acts of war under international treaties.

Mexico is also 'encouraging' illegals here to report - or create - 'human rights violations'. Has it occured to these assholes that they are walking human rights violations? Mexico is going so far as to hiring a public relations company - an American public relations company.

I hope that company is going to get well paid, because they should lose all existing and future American customers.

When did it become accepted international policy that the United States is the only nation in the world who is not allowed to control its own borders? I haven't checked lately, but does anyone out there think Mexico's southern border is taking in anyone and everyone with no standards?


At 2:26 PM, Blogger Sam Heath said...

July 20, 2006
The Weedpatch Gazette

Axis of Evil: The White House, Congress, Supreme Court, and Mexico!
(Reference “Mexifornia” by Professor Victor Davis Hansen)
Many years ago while driving the canyon here in my native Kern County I would see an occasional “John loves Mary” painted on one of the rocks along the river. But this was a rare aberration, since the river and canyon were so very beautiful only barbarians would even think of marring such beauty.
Some few of you will recall when a drive up the canyon to Kernville was an adventure. The old road in the 30s and 40s with its seemingly endless “S” curves nearly the whole way often resulted in car sickness. But the sheer beauty of the canyon and river caused many to make the drive simply to enjoy some of the best Mother Nature had provided, and the pristine beauty of the Kern River Valley with the river flowing through unrestricted, the old town of Kernville the perfect movie locale for westerns at the time made the trip more than worthwhile
When I was a boy in Little Oklahoma I would look east toward our “Purple Mountain’s Majesty,” the mountains draped in a muted purple haze and dream of the adventure that surely awaited me if I could only explore them. The mist-shrouded mountains reminded me of the stories of Cooper and Zane Grey. They were the magical domain of Kit Carson and Jim Bridger, and I longed to become a real mountain man, having such a mystical world to explore on my own, not knowing I would eventually be doing so.
On occasion my grandparents would make the trip up the canyon just to enjoy the scenic splendor, and my grandmother would point out “pictures” she would see in the various rock formations, much as we see pictures in the clouds. One of her favorites was that of a woman at a piano. I would dutifully try to make out the picture, but always failed to see it. However, I had no doubt my grandmother could see it.
But as Mexican barbarians began to invade Kern County resulting in the defacing of so much by gang feces like dogs marking their turf euphemistically labeled “graffiti,” I knew it would only be a matter of time before the barbarians began to deface the beauty of our Kern River Canyon. And so it has proven to be.
A few years ago I wrote the Californian, Don Rogers, and some others expressing my concern about seeing this Mexican gang feces beginning to appear in the canyon. One barbarian had even scrawled his illiterate gang feces on an old Cottonwood limb growing out over the water. To me, this was little short of “sacrilege!” But suppose anyone had tried to intervene with this barbarian thug? They would probably be shot by the Mexican barbarian, as actually happened not that long ago in Bakersfield.
Complaints about the Mall and Ming Avenue being overtaken by barbarians have little chance of accomplishing anything when barbarian Mexicans, most illegal aliens, have invaded and taken over. And then to complain about the police not doing their jobs when they are emasculated from doing so by greedy lawyers and the anti-American ACLU, etc. is madness!
“One Nation Under God?” Well, despite the hypocrisy of so many do detractors have something better to offer? But America is far from being “one nation” as we continue to be mongrelized by invading millions of illegal alien barbarians from Mexico for the sake of slave labor benefiting only the wealthy like Caesar Bush and Company.
While the news of current wars is making thoughts of those bomb shelters in the backyard once more inviting, my friend in England having lived through the Blitz has a host of stories to tell of that era. When the bombs are actually falling on you, when loved ones and friends, your neighbors are being blown up now that is Reality! Not a movie or video game.
At that time in history here in my native state we had real reason for concern about the Japanese invading, while those on the East Coast had to deal with the threat of Nazis and some could see ships actually blowing up from German submarine attacks.
WWII was made very real to us here at home through the many demands made on us for the war effort. There were the ubiquitous Victory Gardens, rationing, war stamps and bonds, scrap metal and rubber drives, all the things that go into waging a real war.
But the barbarians were finally defeated and America entered into a “new age of prosperity,” an age of which Gidget and the great musicals were representative. The future promised so much, but that future was betrayed by the new breed of “Carpetbaggers” intent on plunder, and as a result the barbarians are not only “at the gate,” they have arrived by the millions from the enemy nation of Mexico, the illiterate and barbarous excess population of that barbarous and totally corrupt nation invading and colonizing America for the sake of slave labor benefiting only the present Carpetbaggers in the White House and Congress together with their corporate bosses.
Well, here where I write in my small corner of the Sequoia National Forest I continue to look south, expecting to see that mushroom cloud rising over that cesspool of Los Angeles. But I fear that is what it will take before our treasonous “leadership” will recognize refusing to secure our borders with Mexico for the sake of slave labor all the while extorting We the People to pay the bills through taxation without representation is inviting that very thing.

At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are taken it back hehehe

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey great article! If any other nation has ventured to do the same to any other country there would be tanks on the border.

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Ernie Poblano said...

Well althought I agree there is nothing much that Mexico can do to stop the building of the wall on U.S. territory, no one can call Mexico a scum sucker. They may not have the best government, but they have other qualities the United States doesn't have, such as morality, consideration, and logic. I ask everyone to investigate this case ("Mexico Declares War on U.S.")more deeply and get the facts straight.

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