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27 December, 2005

The Religion Of Piss

Let's have a round of applause for those Muslim protectors of the faith in Indonesia, as they continue to gather on the island of Sulawesi. Religion of peace? Not f'kin likely.

Ever since that 40 year old con man took chunks of the Jewish and Christian faiths in 8th century Arabia and cobbled together a story that would make him the top boy, the Muslim faith has been guided by one principle - join me or die. The Christian minority in Indonesia has been getting a reminder of that for the last five years or so.

In one of their most recent acts of tolerance, a group of brave Muslim souls ambushed a group of four girls walking home from school. Three of these were beheaded on the spot, while the fourth managed to escape with a slice going from her neck up to around her forehead.

When the fighting started in 2000, the Christians had the audacity to fight back. Since 2002 though, they've been pretty much huddling together hoping for the government in Jakarta to step in to prevent those brave Muslim Freedom Fighters from slaughtering more children.

Yeah - that'll happen, won't it?


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