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26 October, 2005

No S&G, Just Thoughts

As everyone knows by now, Rosa Parks died the other day. If you weren’t paying close attention you could be forgiven if you thought it was a cross between Mother Teresa and WEB Dubois. All this because on one day, on one bus, she refused to stand up and give her seat to a white. Whether it was planned or not, this one act of sheer bloody-mindedness was pretty much her entire contribution to the Civil Rights movement. For this she is being described as “heroic", "courageous" and “inspirational” among other laudatory adjectives. She later set up an organization in Detroit to give 1950’s style bus trips throughout the south – and the civil rights organizations thought so little of it that every single bus trip lost money. Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

The wonderful MSM is now making a big deal about the death of the 2,000th serviceman in Iraq. That premise is wrong in every aspect. There has been the death of a Marine, Soldier, Airman or Sailor 2,000 times caused by the bacon eating, Ramadan breaking, Hajj denying, Allah cursing terrorist wastes of perfectly good pieces of shit. The number they’re trumpeting is totally insignificant – the loss of each individual is. While democratic congressmen, senators and the MSM are having orgasms over their comparison of Iraq to Vietnam they forget that three and one half years isn’t 14 years, and 2,000 isn’t 58,00. The only valid comparison is the yeoman’s work the media is doing in attempting to discredit our government and our military at every turn.

I also see where that Baptist preacher of God’s love has been out with his very own SS troops to celebrate the funeral of another of our servicemen. He justifies this by claiming that every American death in Iraq and Afghanistan is God’s retribution for the tolerance of gays. Just once I’d like to see the Honor Guard wait until after the service and, when the spouse or immediate family has left, have a discussion with these assholes.


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