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25 October, 2005

S&G - Two in a Row!

Has anyone else noticed that all New England Patriots season ticket holders sitting in the highest priced seats are all around 23 years old, physically fit and really, really pretty? That's what the Coors Silver Bullet ad shows, and they (and the Patriots) wouldn't lie to us, would they?

It now turns out there is proof that George Galloway, the sleazy, lying, Communist piece of Pommie filth lined his pockets with big time cash from the Oil For Fools deal. This proof is certified by no less than Tariq Azizz, the former mouthpiece for Saddam. In his 'testimony' before Congress, Galloway dared them to prove he did anything and promised that, should any evidence surface, he'd return to the U.S. immediately to face it. I guess he missed his flight.

Boy Asswad has worked himself into a snit over the U.N. report that he orchestrated the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister. He's so irritated that he organized a spontaneous demonstration in Damascus. He cancelled classes for all Syrian schools and gave the civil servants the day off to take part in this. The AP story seems to have missed that last point. I wonder why?

Speaking of Asswads, the Asswad Copulating Lunatics Unbelievable outfit (yeah, they're f'kin nuts) has now used the Freedom of Information Act to get access to data about prisoners in the War on Terror who died in U.S. custody. They're doing their damnedest to try to show that our troops murdered those poor unfortunate Afghans and Iraqis whose only misdeed was to accidently slay our people. Way to go, guys!

Finally, Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, one of the founders of the Crips, looks like he's going to meet the executioner in California. This oxygen thief, convicted of a murder and sentenced to death in 1981, has recently been nominated for a Nobel Prize for a children's book he wrote, and Jaime Foxx played him in a movie made last year. Un-f'kin-believable. Lets see - sentenced to death in 1981 and still around. And they can't understand why the death penalty isn't a deterrent!


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