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18 October, 2005

A Segue S&G

I see where some self-appointed bunch of twits has come out with a list of corrupt nations. Bangladesh ranks last (most corrupt), Iceland ranks first (least corrupt) and the U.S. only makes it to 17th least corrupt. I figure that, if we could get rid of Washington DC, Louisiana and New Jersey we'd top the list. As for Bangladesh being last - couldn't these idiots find Zimbabwe or Venezuela on a map?

As for those two, did you see where they blamed the U.S. for every ill in the world? Hunger, crime, tyrants - we're behind it all. According to Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Bush and Blair are today's Hitler and Mussolini. Bush is Hitler? Who knew Mugabe was a Democrat?

And, of course, we had Toledo over the weekend. The Nazis didn't even march, showing their yellow early. Since the rioters couldn't use that as an excuse, they decided to attack the cops and EMTs. All good fun I guess. I'm sure Je$$e Jack$on, Al $harpton and Farrakhan can describe this as justified. Hollywood is still depressed, though, because there was a gathering of Nazis and neither Bush or Cheney showed up!

And referring back to the lead article, it's looking like Iraq has not only embraced democracy, but they've taken to the Chicago version. Keep those votes coming in, folks!

Lastly, I heard where two fishermen were trapped by heavy seas on a jetty near the Kennedy compound. Teddy grabbed a boat and tried to rescue them but was driven back by the seas. This must have been deja vu for Ted, but pity those poor fishermen - you have a choice of being washed into the sea by the waves or being 'rescued' by Ted. I don't know which would terrify me more!


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