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14 October, 2005

S&G - The whoopee Version

I meant to have this up by the morning, but I had a shrink meeting at the VA and they adjusted my drugs. Far out, man!!

Speaking of drugs, I heard that Bill Romanowski, the former football player, has admitted to taking steroids. I'm shattered.

I thought from the beginning that the letter intercepted from Al Qaeda was fake - it seemed too pat, too perfect. Now that they are calling it a fake, I have to admit it - it must be legit.

The Chechens and Russians have been at it again - over 60 killed. I wonder if it'll be on ABC news?

The bird flu is still not being passed from person to person, so if you kiss your chicken you'll get sick. Of course, if you choke your chicken you'll go blind.

As if they didn't have enough problems with the earthquake in Kashmir, some Muslim woman decided to do a magic act and turned herself into a smear of strawberry jam across the landscape. Can't these asses give it a rest? Call a time out or something?

I would love to be in England for the next few weeks. It's the bicentennial of Nelson's victory at Trafalgar, and the place is going to be packed, especially at Portsmouth where the HMS Victory is docked and in London where Lord Nelson is entombed at St Pauls. Let's hope that, with the crowds they're going to get, no one decides to take advantage of it.


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