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07 July, 2005

Inquiring Minds Demand Answers!

While wasting my life watching television, an ad for Cialis came on and I noticed something about it. One of the little small print disclaimers they show at the bottom of the screen said, "Not tested for multiple attempts per dose." This left me a little confused.

Does this mean that, should you get lucky and, while having a little R&R after the 'vinegar stroke' the lady decides that "Once is Not Enough", you're game is over? Or maybe over, maybe not? Or does it mean that if you should get lucky twice within that 36-hour period, you're on your own?

And if so, can you take another pill within that time frame? If you do, what happens? Does all the blood in your body drain into your little head, causing one to pass out from blood loss? Would your penis explode? Or would it cause a permanent state of priapism, which can be a little embarrassing in mixed company?

And what about that warning about erections lasting more than four hours? Most guys would think they were the luckiest men alive, not toddle off to a doctor about it.

And that brings me to Enzyte - you know, "This is Bob!" What happens if you mix that OTC with any of the perscription pills? Would this cause the death so often mentioned in jokes - "It took the undertaker five days to get the smile off his face, and a week and a half to close the coffin!"

I think this information needs to be spread widely, since this is a subject close to the heart of many men - and not a few women. (and if my tongue was anymore firmly in cheek it would be poking out the other side - without artificial assistance)


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