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24 July, 2005

I'm Back

Yeah, it's been almost a week. I've been busy - domestic duties, travelling to my Blogmother's place, and just all-around pain.

As y'all are aware, the terrorist, murdering scumbags have been busy - go see Jen Martinez for a fairly complete run-down. The one that gets me is the guy the Brits shot.

The Brit police is falling all over themselves apologizing for shooting that asshole, saying that he had nothing to do with any terrorist plots. What I want to know is:
Why was he running from the cops?
Why was he wearing a heavy, padded coat in July?
Why was he running?
Why did he jump the turnstiles going into the subway?
and, finally,
Why was he running?

In the current atmosphere of nervousness around the subways in England, the only thing I can think of is that this asshole was trying to play head games with the cops and it backfired big time. Trying to fuck with the cops about playing terrorist is just about the quickest way to commit suicide there is over there - and no, they don't have the ACLU or our Bill of Rights. So sad.

Meanwhile, here in the Land of the Perpetually Offended, New York has been randomly been checking bags on the subways and the cry of "Profiling" goes up. The illegal Mexicans in the States have the audacity to scream "Racism" over border patrols that are giving food, water and medicine to those coming over the border.

Everyone here, in Great Britain, in Europe and elsewhere are sanctimoniously pointing at Iraq as the source of all this. Their ignorance would be laughable if it wasn't so pitiful. BinLaden and the others have been on our case since August of 1990, when the Saudi's invited us into their industrial-sized box of kitty letter. Us heathens being in the Muslims House of Horrors is what did it - but why aren't they on the Saudis for inviting us in? Do you think it might have something to do with their madrasses and their money?

Or am I just being cynical again?


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