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09 October, 2004

Kerry's Financial Plan (Yeah, He's Got One!!)

Kerry never worked outside of politics (and, apparently, the Navy, but that's debateable), never built or ran a business (although he married a couple). But his plan for those who work?
  • Top 50% = 96% of taxes
  • Bottom 50% = 4% in taxes
Kerry says he's not pandering - - but he's pandering to to those who don't pay taxes, telling them they will get something for nothing.

I love listening to the stock market professionals.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Barry said...

Actually, that's not so much Kerry's plan as it is the current tax system. The top 5% pay over 50% of the tax burden in this country. Bear in mind that the top 60% actually pay over 100% of the individual income tax burden in the country, to allow the lower 40% to get money back!

I break down the numbers here: Real Numbers on Taxes


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