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09 October, 2004

Plans - He's Got Them Comin' Out His Ass!

Two things struck me over last night's debate -

Bush has no plan to win the peace! Now, the last time I looked, Franklin Delano Roosevelt "rushed into war" without having any plans to win the peace. Woodrow Wilson "Rushed into war" without having any plans to win the peace. So did Harry S. Truman. So did Lyndon B. Johnson.

Hell, so did Abraham Lincoln and George H.W. Bush.

Where the Hell did this "Win the Peace" shit come from anyway? Winston Churchill sure as shit didn't! Neither did the French in 1914 and 1940!

You go into war to defeat your enemy. Period. End of discussion.

Also, last night, I heard John Fonda Kerry say that he has a "plan" for damn near everything. Health care. Defense. Every f'kin' thing that was brought up, Kerry has a plan.

But I have yet to hear what any of these plans actually consist of. To the best of my knowledge Toilet Forbes Kerry (sorry - John) hasn't enunciated what any of these "plans" are.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

Addendum - Two things are flying around the house today -
"It's De Plan, Boss - De Plan!!"
"Kerry - You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do!!"
It's a Good Thing.


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