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08 October, 2004

Caught in Their Own Trap, They STILL Won't Let It Die!

According to this article from the Washington Times, even though Rep Chuckie (possibly related to the doll) Rangel had his bill calling for the reinstatement of conscription folded up into all sharp corners and shoved up his ass, the Donks are still bitching - with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

After a vote of 402 to 2, you'd think the Donks would get the message, wouldn't you? Not Bloody Likely! Jim McDermott and Sheila Jackson-Lee were among the more vocal of the Dhimmicrats claiming that President Bush still has 'secret plans' for a draft - after the election, naturally.

"Mr. Kerry was asked in a press conference yesterday about earlier comments that the Bush administration might reinstitute the draft, and at first, he denied it: "I haven't said, ever, that they are. I've never suggested that." (Wow! What a No-Shitter THAT is!) Reminded of his comments about the possibility of a draft, he said he cannot predict the end result of Mr. Bush's current path. He also repeated a charge that he and Mr. Murtha, top Democrat on the defense appropriations subcommittee, have made that Mr. Bush is delaying news of a huge reserve call-up until after the election."

Now, I am clueless (as normal) who would actually vote to put legislation like this into effect. After all, something like this cannot be done with the stroke of a pen on an Executive Order. And since the only attempts in recent years to bring the draft back have been by DumbFuckocrats, to me that kind of leaves it open as to which Presidential candidate would really attempt to fuck up our military even more than the Donks have in the past.

The Donks have always seen our military as nothing more than fertile ground for trying out all of their social engineering. They must be taken to task for this, and they have got to stop all their whining about a "secret draft".

Thanks to Wayne of Wayne's World for the link to this story. He's new to blogging but a very quick learner - and a quicker wit!


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