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18 October, 2004

Are They Misstating Themselves?

Or Are They Just Flat-out Fucking Liars?

Pull up a chair. It seems that everyone is playing fast and loose with language this election year.

Hell, even Kofi Anan decided that he didn’t want to get left out; he decided to come out of his own personal closet and claim that Iraq is an illegal war, the world is no safer with Saddam out of power, and there have been no irregularities with the Oil-for-Food Program. He knows all of this to be true because the Tooth Fairy told him so.

The Republicans are playing on a couple of levels. I recently saw an ad locally where the Republican Senatorial Committee claims that Clinton, with the “help” of Erskine Bowles (the local Dem Senate candidate) earmarked over $8 Billion for “immigrants”. Now, my wife is an Australian who has been on a Green Card for most of the last 31 years. The only thing we remember Clinton for with immigrants is that he stopped her from getting my Social Security should I die before her.

The Republicans are also having fun with “The Kerry Doctrine”. You know that one - the one where Kerry will supposedly turn out sovereignty over to the United Nations or France or some such shit, right? Is there anyone out there that seriously thinks that an American President at any time would be allowed to turn over our sovereignty to ANY nation or treaty group? You thought that Clinton had impeachment proceedings? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

I had to save the best for last, though. The Democrats have been having more fun than the law should allow! I have a granddaughter that I’m pretty certain will be a Democrat, because she never asks for anything – she DEMANDS it!

Let’s start with the Flu shots – did you know that, until the Dems decided to make this a campaign issue, about half of the vaccines made each year went to waste? People just weren’t getting them. As for getting them from Canada (and this goes for the whole “get drugs from Canada” shtick) I would have thought this would count as outsourcing, wouldn’t you? Why aren’t they screaming for the flu shots to be made in the United States, like they were before the Democrats removed any incentive for that to happen? One other minor thing with this is that I was under the impression that any drug coming to the United States had to be approved by the FDA. And the FDA is known for taking their own sweet time at approving these things. Am I wrong?

“Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian”. Just a little disingenuous on this one. The Dems say that Cheney was the first to breach the subject, but conveniently forget that his statement was in answer to a direct question. He didn’t “bring it up”. It was a planned strategy by Kerry’s people that backfired badly.

The Draft. This one would be a bit of a giggle if there weren’t so many brain-dead college students. Who sent out the spam emails trying to scare people about a draft? No one knows that I’m aware of, but I would not be surprised if I found out it was MoveOn or some such organization with strong links to the Democratic Party. Who put the bills before The Senate and the House of Representatives? Sen. Ernest Hollings and Rep. Charles Rangel did. Both are Democrats. The 22 co-signers of the bills were also Democrats.

Only one party is claiming that numbers are a problem. While claiming that President Bush would need a draft, Senator Kerry has already called for an increase of at least two Divisions. Just where are these troops going to come from, Senator?

If you had anything to do with the military, would you want anyone in your service who really didn’t want to be there, and may do literally anything to get out? Someone who may put the lives of others in danger because they didn’t care? Someone who is basically useless to you due to the time needed to get them trained to a standard where they could be sent anywhere? Since there is no draft legislation right now, the Democrats will have to write the bills and get them passed, so I guess that having people drafted for 3 or 4 years would be possible. I know that in Viet Nam there were more volunteers than draftees, so it would be most likely that a draftee now would never leave the States.

How about we finish up with the “No alQeda in Iraq” claim that’s been flying for some time? Oops – I guess it turns out that they have been there all along, huh? Or have those terrorists (the ones that Michael Moore says don’t exist) now sunk so low that they’re lying about that?

I guess. But, then, what do I know? I’m just an ignorant blogger, right?


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