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15 October, 2004

CNMI - My Favorite Scam

The residents of the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands are a real enigma. They have U.S. citizenship but do not vote in American elections. Two of the major islands in this chain are Tinian and Saipan - names that may be familiar to history buffs.

The most interesting thing to me, however, is that their currency is the United States Dollar.

Now, I grant you that for my facts so far I have relied on the
CIA World Fact Book. That august body hasn't exactly covered itself in glory during the past several years, have they? Yet, I have found the data I've mined from the World Fact Book to be accurate over the years.

So, when ads started appearing a few years ago for these counterfeit 1933 American silver dollars, my interest was piqued. Now the same outfit is offering a couple of other coins, including a "silver dollar that uses silver found at the bottom of Ground Zero".

Over the last year, they started putting the "CNMI" issue on these ads, and now they have a small disclaimer that these coins - while they still claim they are "genuine US coins", are not legal tender. Now, I'm just full-blown Gonzo confused!

If the Fact Book is, indeed, correct, and the official currency of the Islands is the USD - how do they get away with minting their own coins? How can these coins be legal - even in the CNMI? It strikes me - and the Attorney General for the State of New York, that this is nothing more than an elaborate scam apparently being perpetrated on the citizens of this country by a New York State-based mint and the island of Saipan. Foxnews had an article relating to the New York Attorney General filing a suit against these people, but I'll be damned if I can find it now! I really have to organize those damn bookmarks!

Apparently they are getting away with this because on the reverse of the coins (that's the back for you non-collectors), on the section that they only show very quickly (if at all) in their ads, is the Official Seal of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.

Genuine US Currency my tired, aching, skinny old ass!


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