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01 August, 2004

A Nippy Reception for Hanoi John

"You don't get two Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star in just 21 days. It just don't happen"

So says one of the veterans who, with others who support them, protested outside the Fleet Center as Kerry was giving his acceptance speech. They were unanimous in their disgust for Kerry's trying to use his four months for personal gain, but especially for what he did after that.

"He's a phony and he's a traitor," said Vietnam veteran Rich Burke, 66, of Boston. "He returned from Vietnam and testified in Congress that the military were baby killers and war criminals. He abandoned and left all of his comrades to put up with that sort of statement. He's no good."

What do you think the chances were that any mention of these brave souls would be found on any of the alphabet news broadcasts?

Right. Read the whole story at CNSN here.


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