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23 August, 2004

I Have Had A Gutful Of This

So – now it seems that John Kerry was confused about those memories he read into the Congressional Record. Instead of being shot at by drunken Buddhists celebrating Christmas, it may have been in January or February when he was playing Secret Squirrel by ferrying black teams into Cambodia.

That sounds pretty good, especially since, if they were black ops, then all we have is Kerry’s word that they happened. But excuse me if I still have a couple of problems with that.

You see, in the vast majority of cases of infiltration and exfiltration, helicopters were used. When that wasn’t feasible, small boats came into play. And I mean SMALL – not a Swift boat with a 5 – 6 man crew. Many times no transport was used at all – the troops just humped it into the boonies.

I guess Kerry has a journal which he let a friend see that clears all of this up. It’s a real pity that no one else is going to get a look at that journal – at least until the ink dries. Apparently this “journal” undercuts Kerry’s own memories of Christmas Eve, but says that the next two months were OK.

Kerry also claims to still have shrapnel in his leg from Viet Nam. We should, once again, take his word for that, because he said so. Of course, releasing his medical records would go a long way towards clearing that up.

Now, I’ve tried for many, many years to get my records released by the United States Marine Corps and the State Department, along with some other various agencies – with only enough success to get me in the door of the V.A. Basically, all they will release to me is a “Re-Up” package. If that is all Senator Kerry can get, then he should tell us. He was personally very quick and very vocal in his condemnation of our President because he didn’t go to Viet Nam.

It’s long past time for the Senator to put up or shut up. John Kerry decided that he wanted Viet Nam to be the one and only topic of discussion for this campaign. It’s time for the truth – if he can remember what that is.


At 3:46 AM, Blogger Corresponding Secretary General said...

If this decorated veteran of a war that most rich white guys managed to avoid were a Republican, I suspect you'd be whistling another tune.

Politics: the enemy of the truth

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